Review by Dr. Selvie Das

Sub: JSS Ayurveda Hospital Mysore, Patient oriented and service oriented hospital

I have been associated with JSS Organization and Institutions since 1957.I met Late Dr Shri ShriShriRajendra Swamiji, the Head of the JSS Mutt as one of the audience and developed high regards and later the relationship got blended with Divine Prema. When Shri ShriShri Shivaratri Deshikendra Swamiji became the Head of Suttur Mutt, I continued the same regards and Prema and all along I have been treated with good affection and made me feel that I belong to JSS Institutions. When I became the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mysore during June 1988 after taking charge I visited JSS Mutt and took the blessings of Late Shri ShriShriRajendra Swamiji and that relationship continues till today and I found the present Swamiji, a great social worker with a secular attitude serving the whole society. It is needless to say the number of Educational Institutions including medical institutions are established by JSS Mutt. It is well-known throughout the country and even outside the nation.

University of Mysore celebrated centenary celebrations during July 2016 in the presence of His Excellency the President of India Shri PranabMukharjee. The Former Vice-Chancellors of University of Mysore were honoured on that day. The same day, I called on Shri ShriShri Shivaratri Deshikendra Swamiji and he found me unable to walk properly because of knee pain. Immediately he suggested that I must go to JSS Ayurveda hospital and take treatment for my knee problem. Simultaneously he called Mr. Mahesh to take care of me. However, with my pre occupation I was not able to make use of the opportunity and could make it only now and entered the hospital on 16th April 2017. Here I would like to say that I have never known about this particular hospital until I was told by the Swamiji.

While entering the premises Mysore had heavy rains and in such a situation I got down from my car and my driver helped me to get into the wheel chair and another man helped me to enter the hospital and was taken to one of the V.I.P rooms. I was surprised to know that the other person who came along with the wheel chair was Dr ShivaprasadHudeda who is the Medical Superintendent of the hospital. On 17 thmorning itself the treatment was started. I found Dr. Shiva Prasad Hudeda so concerned about the patients and spends lot of time for patients with his assistants. As one enters the hospital the statue of God Dhanwantari, the God of Health is welcoming the patients. The whole place is very clean throughout day and night. Hygienic conditions are maintained. The treatment rooms are given top priority to cleanliness. The first two days I was given only external treatment. I was greatly worried and concerned about the internal treatment and brooded over it, since I was used to allopathy treatment. It was said by many that Ayurvedic medicines would aggravate the problem. However, I took courage and prayed God and started the internal treatment from the third day. Internal medicine what they call Kashaya was given to me. I found after five days my blood was tested. To my surprise the internal problems I had got reduced tremendously which was not possible with the allopathy medicine which I have been taking for a long time which might have helped me to maintain the conditions without my reduction in the illness. I was amazed in five days duration I became so healthy with the blessings of JSS Swamiji.

I take this opportunity to thank His Holiness Swamiji for the interest he has taken giving the lead for the treatment. Mr Mahesh, the Director gave the necessary instructions to DrShivaprasadHudeda, Medical Superintendent. I will not be exaggerating if I say that I found God in Dr ShivaprasadHudeda. The way he has approached the patients not only me but also other patients with patience, dedication, devotion, concern is remarkable. He is very patient oriented. He himself went round the garden and collected the needed plants dehydrated made it into powder and prepared Kashaya for me. This kind of act is something I have not seen or experienced anywhere. I pray to God and Swamiji to bless him and his family. I also pray all the people who have treated me in therapy room. The young girls in the therapy room are not only pretty but also work oriented and patient oriented. I will always remember the young angles and they should be named as Nightingales. The people in the canteen who prepared diet foods with concern and care for every patient which should be appreciated and complemented. For the last few days in the hospital I was taken care by Dr Satish Pai in the absence of Dr Shiva Prasad who has proceeded on leave. Dr Satish Pai has also showed the same sincerity. I thank one and all in the hospital.

Many people including myself are not aware of JSS Ayurveda Hospital which needs publicity. The media should visit and give report on the hospital and the university, so that many citizens who are suffering with many kinds of illness starting from arthritis, knee pain, back pain, renal problem and other internal organ problems should utilise the JSS Ayurveda facilities. The cost is also very very minimal when compared to other medical institutions and hospitals.

Finally, my humble gratitude to His Holiness Shri ShriShri Shivaratreswara Deshikendra Swamiji.

Former Member of Parliament(RAJYASABHA)
Former Member UPSC
Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore
Former, Director Collegiate Education, Bangalore