Rasayana – Rejuvenation Therapy

A chance to rebuild your body

Ayurveda has two primary objectives – one is to maintain health, and the other is to cure diseases.

Rasayana or rejuvenation is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy to restore the body’s vitality to its fullest capacity. It is a therapeutic procedure which uses herb, food, or activity to bestow youthfulness and cure disease. If appropriately taken, Rasayana helps maintain youthfulness and keeps one fit both physically and mentally for many years. In ancient India, people who used this therapy lived over a hundred years.

Benefits of Rasayana

Rasayana therapy makes you feel young and energetic, improves skin condition and glow, improves sleep quality, memory and concentration, clears the voice, improves the capacities of the sense organs – eyes, nose, tongue, ears and sexual organs. It increases the body’s immunity to resist any common diseases and last but not least, it improves the body’s strength and brings calmness to mind.

For Whom

People suffering from the following problems or illnesses: stress, insomnia, shallow breath, rough and dry skin, weak senses and sexuality, weak appetite, lack of concentration, a faint memory, chronic digestive problems, constipation, migraine and obesity. Also, one need not have to be ill to undergo Rasayana, Rejuvenation Therapy. This therapy also increases one’s vitality and have a young and energetic body.

How many days?

Minimum of five to fourteen days for better results. It all depends on the patient’s present condition and expectations.

What is the daily program?

  • Daily consultation with our Ayurvedic Vaidyas
  • Therapy sessions which include Snehapana, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, basti, beauty therapy
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Oral Herbal medication
  • Ayurvedic diet – which will be decided after consultation
  • Yoga and breathing sessions – 1 or 2 sessions per day
  • Meditation

The process adopted in the therapy

  • Medicated Ghee consumption
  • A 45 minutes full-body massage followed by 15 minutes in the steam chamber for the next two days
  • Enemas with the appropriate herbal medicated oils or decoctions
  • A 15-minute full-body massage followed by the continuously synchronized pouring of warm oil on the body in a specific manner
  • A mild full-body massage followed by Shirodhara, the continuous pouring of warm herbal medicated oil on the forehead.
  • Daily oral Herbal medication and ayurvedic diet

The treatment mentioned above is the general Rasayana Therapy for a normal healthy person. However, our vaidyas will check the past medical history and diagnose present health condition before finalizing the treatment plan that is right for the patient.


Ward (INR) 5 Days 7 days 14 days
Standard ward Single occupancy with common wash for 7 beds 21,250.00 29,750.00 59,500.00
Special ward Single occupancy room with facility like TV, AC 22,500.00 31,500.00 63,000.00
Deluxe ward Spacious Single occupancy room with good interior and view of the Chamundi hill  and facility of TV and AC and adjacent to treatment room 23,000.00 32,200.00 64,400.00
Ultra Deluxe ward 24,500.00 34,300.00 68,600.00