Hitayu Kit (post-covid)


Ayurveda is the ancient science of life. Rasayana or Rejuvenation therapy is its unique branch. Age old Ayurvedic treatise explain the measures to attain healthy long life, in which disease specific or system specific rejuvenation is called as Naimittika Rasayana. These specifically designed Rasayana medicaments can prevent and manage the complications by boosting the host mechanism, bringing the dathusamyata along with cleansing the toxicity.

In this regard, JSS Ayurveda Hospital presents Post Covid Rejuvenation Kit for those who have suffered from Covid-19 to lead a healthy life.

“HITAYU”- Post Covid Rejuvenation Kit comprises of

  1. Churna (Polyherbal Powder)
  2. Amrita Satva
  3. Pravala Pisthi
  4. Indukanta Kashaya Tablet
  5. Ashwagandha Tablet

Instructions and Information:

Churna (Polyherbal Powder), Amrita Satva, Pravala Pisthi

Polyherbal Powder (churna) is a mixture of Pippali, Yashtimadhura and Triphala. Along with Amrita Satva and Pravala Pisthi, these possess antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, imunomodulatory, pulmonary rejuvenative, cardioprotective and detoxification activities.

How to use: Mix Amrita Satva, Pravala pisthi and churna (Polyherbal powder) together thoroughly in a container. Consume half table spoon (2.5 gms) along with luke warm water or honey after food, morning and evening.

Indukanta Kashaya Tablet

Contains Putika, Devadaru, Dashamula, Panchakola, Yavakshara. These possess digestive, carminative, hepatoprotective, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti hyperlipidemic, cardioprotective, antiplatelet aggregation activities.

How to use: Consume 1 tablet after food in morning and evening with lukewarm water.

Ashwagandha Tablet

Contains Indian Ginseng. It increases body energy level, is antioxidant, adaptogen, antianxietic, anti-depressant, musculo – neuro protective and cognitive enhancer.

How to use: Consume 2 tablets after food in morning and evening with lukewarm water or 1 cup of warm milk.

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