Prakruthi For Wellness


Know your Prakruthi for Wellness

Prakruthi for Wellness is a wellness clinic, where the doctors assess the patient’s Deha Prakruthi (constitution). The constitution of the body is like an individual’s health horoscope. Upon the assessment, they counsel the patient about their food habits, physical and mental activities, etc. In other words, the doctors advise them to follow a regime which sets their health issues right and modify their lifestyle forever.

At JSS Ayurveda Hospital, we help you to know your unique blueprint. This is important to achieve a higher state of good health. Also, the constitution of the human body tells us how nature wants us to lead our life.



To maintain good health and prevent diseases, one has to improve immunity and build stamina. To achieve this, the concerned person should undergo a biological cleansing process called “Panchakarma”. This process is later followed by “Rasayana Therapy”. With this treatment, one will be able to restore good health and maintain the well being of both the body and mind.



Visit JSS Hospital once for an assessment. It is different from the regular “health check-ups”. It is a comprehensive assessment and a window to your health status- both physical and mental.