Shalakyatantra (ENT & Opthomology)

Shalakyatantra is Ayurveda for ENT & Ophthalmology. It is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with diseases affecting the body parts located above the neck. It encompasses the treatment for the medical conditions related to organs of the head and above the shoulder like Eyes, Ears, Lips, Nose, Throat, Teeth, Skull, Central Nervous System and Brain. These body parts are vulnerable to diseases which can get complicated as they progress. The name ‘Shalakyatantra’ came into existence as the therapy involves excessive usage of ‘Shalaka’ which means ‘probe’. This is a branch of Ayurveda where the treatment is done using appropriate tools for ingesting medication to the affected parts of the body. Various specialized instruments are used for diagnosis and therapeutic purpose as this speciality deals with delicate and narrow sections of the head. In some places, this treatment is also called as ‘Urdhwangachikitsa’ where ‘Urdhwanga’ refers to body parts above the head, and ‘chikitsa’ relates to treatment. This system of medicine is also concerned with preventing contagious diseases. By adopting a daily or seasonal routine with the appropriate cleansing procedure, the functional integrity and structure of body parts situated above the head are taken care of.

JSS Ayurveda Hospital uses medical aids which are classical and modern and thus provide proper care to our patients. The disorders treated in Shalakyatantra Department are:

  • Treatment for Netra rogas
  • Nasa rogas
  • Karna rogas
  • Mukharogas (Oral Cavity Disorders)
  • Shirorogas