Piles And Fistula-In-Ano


Ksharasutra is now a popular treatment for the management of piles and fistula in ano. The Ksharasutra technique has an edge over other conventional surgeries due to its healing and cleansing effect with anti-microbial action and absolute nil recurrence rate. It allows the proper drainage of pus from the fistula, which leads to proper healing. On the other hand, the cutting effect of thread incises the skin gradually. Researches’ suggest that Ksharasutra has the action of excision, scrapping, draining, penetrating, debridement, sclerosing and healing. It is bactericidal and bacteriostatic. We practice this technique, and thousands of patients have benefited from this treatment.

Kshara lepa: is the main ingredient used for the treatment of piles.