Females are more prone to lower urinary tract infections due to anatomical reasons. According to Ayurveda, unhealthy food, spicy food, packaged food, excessive sexual act, poor hygiene, repeated catheterization, etc., are the leading causes of Mutrakricha ( Urinary Tract infections. Burning micturition is a common complaint seen frequently in OPD. Micturition also affects the routine activities of women.

JSS Ayurveda Hospital has treated several female patients with recurrent urinary tract infections. A lady aged 23 visited Prasootitantra and Streeroga OPD with complaints of repeated burning micturition. She experienced symptoms like severe pain, irritation and burning sensation. The patient took breaks from work often and faced personal issues due to her illness. She consulted various doctors and took repeated antibiotics which gave temporary relief.

In the OPD, her examination showed pain in the abdomen, and routine blood and urine investigation showed a higher level of ESR and showed the presence of plenty of pus cells, which indicates infection.

The patient was recommended oral medications for one week and an Ayurvedic line of treatment with mutra marga Utara basti 2 sitting with Pancha Valakakasaya. The patient’s condition improved, and the symptoms reduced considerably after the treatments and the medication. Regular treatment follow-up was done for two months to assess the improvement. The patient resumed an everyday life free from pain and other related symptoms of urinary tract infection.

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