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At JSS Ayurveda Hospital, ayurvedic treatments are authentically practiced to bring you all the positive effects of ayurveda. Located in the footsteps of the picturesque Chamundi Hills in Mysore the JSS Ayurveda Hospital… Readmore >>

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In addition to general wards, the JSS Ayurveda Hospital also has semi-special and special wards, we have deluxe rooms and VIP suites. These rooms are spacious.
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Swarna Prashana & Benefits

  • Improves immune system, physical strength and digestion power
  • Improves grasping and retention power and memory
  • Tones up skin and imparts fairer complexion
  • Protects children from illness that occur due to seasonal change
  • Protects children from allergies



Panchakarma is one of the purification therapies of Ayurveda. “Panch” means Five and “Karma” means Actions. It is a set of five systematic actions, which purifies the body.
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JSS Herb Garden

Medicinal herbs are integral part of Ayurvedic education. The JSS Ayurveda Hospital has its own herb garden where over 300 species of ayurvedic herbs are grown.
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  • Mr Manjunath

    Mr Manjunath from Bangalore, Creative Director and CEO Meeromi Productions, was admitted to JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Mysuru for rejuvenation and detoxification therapies. He was treated with Panchakarma and other rejuvenation therapies for 5 days. After undergoing the therapies there was significant improvement in his metabolism and he felt himself much healthier and fit. The stay helped him to bring about positive changes in his lifestyle. He appreciated our doctors, therapists, administration staff for their cooperation throughout his stay and expressed his willingness to visit JSS AMCH again in the month of October.

  • Mukund R

    The hospital is in a serene location. It is spotless and silent. The doctors carefully listen to your symptoms and
    then suggest the best treatment course. The treatment is carried off in a thorough, systematic and professional manner—the facility of stay is very efficient. The doctors are very patience and clarify all your doubts. I recommend this hospital to my family and friends. I will continue to visit again with my family for further consultations.

  • Ravichandra BR

    As long as I stayed at JSS Ayurveda Hospital Mysuru, I was taken care of by a team of extremely caring professionals. All the services like Housekeeping, Nursing care, and Administration services are excellent. There
    is a scope to improve diet food services, and we certainly recommended JSS Ayurveda to our friends and relatives in
    the coming days.

  • Nelson

    From the time of my admission till discharge, the experience was overwhelming. The hospital is serene and divine. I enjoyed my stay of seven days undoubtfully. I need to mention some names here, Smt. Nanditha and Mr. Mallikarjun. Smt. Nanditha made the complete process seamless and Mr. Mallikarjun took utmost care and made me feel at home.
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  • Ranjan and Aarthi

    Although we have always believed in Ayurvedic holistic healing, this was the first time we have tried Ayurvedic kriya for detoxification and strengthening. We came to JSS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, knowing the incredible reputation that it has carried along with a lot of appreciation. This is our first time here. However, from check-in, we were made to feel extremely comfortable, and our anxieties vanished.
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  • Savitha Ramesh

    I had a wonderful experience at JSS Ayurveda Hospital Mysuru. They have an excellent facility which is also maintained very well. The ambience and the rooms are also very good. It does not give a feel of a Hospital. The treatment was excellent. Doctors care and approach to the ailment is very good.
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  • Prakash

    Since eight days I am in the hospital, all the staff are amiable and care for us like family members. Dr Savitha is one of the best doctors. Special Note: All the staffs speak with a smile and are very polite. That has made my stay happy. I thank them for their efforts in this pandemic situation and appreciate everyone's hard work. Thanks to JSS team members for the support and help.

  • Ms. Gwenaelle Bonnet, France

    My name is Ms. Gwenaelle Bonnet, and I am from France. I attended a one-month course in Ayurvedic therapy, to know more about the subject and the way it is practiced. The training and my stay at the JSS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, in Mysuru, was a very pleasant one. It was cozier than I had expected.
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  • Dr. P B Beulahbel Bency

    I am Dr. P B BeulahbelBency from Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu , working as a Professor in Tamilnadu State Government University. I had a mild Knee pain for the past three years. But it was very sever for the past three weeks. I was not able to walk normally. At that time, I came to know about JSS Ayurveda College and Hospital, Mysuru . 
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  • Mrs. B S Jayashree

    I was suffering from Arthritis got admitted at JSS Ayurveda Hospital,Mysuru from 20-06-2019 for 7 days. The treatment provided here is good, the consultants give a patient hearing to our needs and their approach is friendly. The therapy staff are well trained and more concerned on the well being of the patients.
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  • Jawahar, Gujarat

    I never knew a stay at the hospital for treatment could be so comfortable. The duration of my stay at the JSS Hospital, in Mysuru, as a patient was indeed memorable. I would like to thank all the doctors/therapists who treated me with so much care, interns who interacted with me so friendly, nurses and supporting staff who took good care of me with such love.
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  • Sreenath DSreenath D Review about JSS Ayurveda Hospital

    My Stay for 7 days at JSS Ayurveda Hospital has been very pleasant and memorable. I never felt that I was staying at a Hospital. It was more or less like a Home stay! Very Peaceful & Rejuvenating!!

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  • Dr. Selvie DasFormer Member of Parliament(RAJYASABHA) Former Member UPSC Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore Former, Director Collegiate Education, Bangalore

    I have been associated with JSS Organization and Institutions since 1957.I met Late Dr Shri ShriShriRajendra Swamiji, the Head of the JSS Mutt as one of the audience and developed high regards and later the relationship got blended with Divine Prema.

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  • Review by SistersBy we sisters

    “Thanks to JSS Ayurveda Hospital, we had a very good treatment here, the maintenance like Housekeeping was really good. The Nursing and staffs over here really cared for us a lot. I really enjoyed the massage treatment. Doctors really took care of us in each and every situation. And the environment is really awesome. Thanks for the care and concern..”

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  • Kajal SinghSoftware Engineer Mysuru

    “ It was a very wonderful and healthy experience. Detoxification and cleansing is important with Today’s lifestyle. The serene environment adds on to the relaxing process. I definitely recommend JSS Ayurveda to everybody for a mind refreshing experience..”
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  • Mr. RavikrishnaEntreprenaur Bengaluru

    “Very good and knowledgeable staff, great facilities at nice location. The doctors and massage treatments were like enriched with wholeheartedness, devotedness and zeal. Please make an effort to create an environment for interacting with other fellow patients. The experience at JSS Ayurveda has been an absolute delight and healing time for me..”
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