Review by Savitha Ramesh

I had a wonderful experience at JSS Ayurveda Hospital Mysuru. They have an excellent facility which is also maintained very well. The ambience and the rooms are also very good. It does not give a feel of a Hospital. The treatment was excellent. Doctors care and approach to the ailment is very good. They are very friendly and very reassuming, especially Dr. Beena, Dr. Sruthi, Dr. Pooja. The nursing care is wonderful, and also the nurses are very friendly and caring. All the therapists are excellent. They are focusing on the ailment and always enquire about the pain and give treatment. The housekeeping staff are also very good. Last but not least, the administrative staff are very friendly and committed. Smt. Nanditha was so reassuring and motivating and made us very comfortable. Mr. Mallikarjun was regularly examining us and responding to our needs, thus making our stay most memorable. Thank all the JSS Ayurveda team who have made us very comfortable.