Swarna Prashana


Swarna Prashana is a process in which SWARNA(GOLD) or “HERBS WITH GOLD” is given in the form of liquid, semi solid or paste form to children. ‘Swarna’ means ‘Gold’ and ‘Prashana’ means ‘to eat’.


  • Improves immune system, physical strength and digestion power
  • Improves grasping and retention power and memory
  • Tones up skin and imparts fairer complexion
  • Protects children from illness that occur due to seasonal change
  • Protects children from allergies

Time and frequency of administration:

Swarna Prashana needs to be administered for six months, on the day of Pushya Nakshatra. This day arrives after every 27 days. Pushya constellation is said to have Pushti (Strengthening) and Poshana (Nourishing) qualities. Hence this constellation is chosen to administer Suvarna prashan.

Age: Swarna Prashan could be administered to a new born infant to a 16 year old child. However, it is most beneficial for children up to five years of age.

Ingredients of Swarna Prashana: Gold, Vacha, Shankh Pushpi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, honey, cow’s ghee, etc.

Swarnaprashana Calender – 2018

Month Date Day
January 3 Wednesday
January 31 Wednesday
February 27 Tuesday
March 27 Tuesday
April 23 Monday
May 20 Sunday
June 17 Sunday
July 14 Saturday
August 10 Friday
September 07 Friday
October 4 Thursday
October 31 Wednesday
November 28 Wednesday
December 25 Tuesday