Lumbar Spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis is a progressive and irreversible degenerative disorder of the lumbar vertebrae, where there will be stiffening and fixation of spine. People over the age of 40 are at the highest risk of developing symptoms of lumbar spondylosis.

Lumbar spondylosis is a degenerative condition which affects the lower spine. In a patient with lumbar spondylosis, the spine is compromised by a narrowing of the space between the vertebrae, causing a variety of health problems ranging from back pain to neurological issues.

The lumbar region is mostly affected because this region is most exposed to mechanical stress due to the loading of the spinal segments while standing and during spinal motion.

Causes for Lumbar Spondylosis:

Age is the most important factor for a degenerative condition to set in. Lumbar Spondylosis in the early decades of life is usually associated with overweight, Smoking, Sedentary life style and more importantly Stress.

Ageing, Genetic abnormalities, Injury, Overuse, Abnormal Spinal movement, prolonged sitting in front of computer in abnormal position, increased two wheeler driving and travelling.

Treatment for Lumbar Spondylosis:

Ayurvedic treatment of Lumbar spondylosis comprises of herbal medicines and therapies that help to relax the muscles, relieve inflammation to the nerves and surrounding tissues, healing the damage to the nerves and in strengthening the nerves and muscles. The most commonly used therapies are Choornapindasweda, PatrapindaSweda, Katibasthi, Shashtikashalipindaswedawhich reduces pain, stiffness in muscle spasm and improves blood circulation.

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