Weekend – Relax & Rejuvenate

Prolonged digital media usage, sitting on a couch or unsupported chair, a busy schedule, consuming an unhealthy diet with less nutritional value, lack of proper exercise, sleep, etc., leads to various health issues. Improving our overall health by boosting immunity, energy levels, and metabolism will rejuvenate our bodies and act as a preventive health care [...]

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“Stress Management Camp” from 11-05-2022 to 21-05-2022

Stress has become a global issue and is affecting people’s life significantly. Stress not only leads to mental disorders, it also can lead to various physical disorders too. Over thinking, Negative thinking, Lack of concentration, Sleep disturbances, Increased heart beat, Headache, Stomach upset and Reduction in your overall performance are the common symptoms of Stress. [...]

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