Our Doctors


Department Consultant Name Education Experience Special interest / Inclination of treatment
KAYACHIKITSA Dr. Deepa Patil BAMS, MD 10 yrs Ortho-Janusandhigatvat,Sciatica & Jaundice-(HBsAg)
Dr. Rajesh Udapudi BAMS, MD 17 Yrs Arthritis, Life Style Disorders, Diabetes, Skin Disorders
Dr. Beena. M.D BAMS, MD 8 yrs Rhuematoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis,Gastro Arthritis,Cancer,Sciatica,C.Spodilitis,Frozen shoulder
PANCHAKARMA Dr. Veena G Rao BAMS, MD 17 yrs Panchakarma specialist in Ortho & Neurological disorders, Thyroid disorders and Detoxification.
Dr. Seetha Devi BAMS, MD 10 yrs Musculoskeletal Disorders,Spine disorders, Diabetes
Dr. Manasa BAMS, MD 6 months Arthritis, Stoulya, Pakshagatha
SHALAKYATANTRA (ENT & OPTHOLMOLOGY) Dr. Sandhya Rani BAMS, MS 11 yrs Opthomologist, Migraine, Nasal Allergic diseases, ENT, Diseases of head
Dr. Gavimath Shivanand BAMS, MS 15 yrs Refractive errors, Migraine, Allergic opthalmic manifestations, Degenerative ENT disorders speciality treatments done
Dr. Vivek BAMS, MS 4 yrs Allergic Nosal Disorders,Rhinitis,Migraine & other types of Head ache.
SKIN AND BEUTY CLINIC Dr. Savitha Hiremath BAMS, MD 8 yrs Psoriasis and other skin diseases.
Dr. Krishna Prasad BAMS, MD 17yrs Eczema, Psoriasis, Chronic Pimples, Pigmentation disorder
Dr. Suma KJ BAMS, MD 2 yrs Parkinsons, Skin disorders
Dr. Anjana BAMS, MD 1 Yr Psoriasis, Melasma, Pityriasis, Vitiligo, Fungal infections, Contact dermatitis, chronic eczematous dermatitis, hairfall
NEURO & PSCHYIATRY OPD Dr. Shivaprasad Hudeda BAMS, MD 16 yrs Neuro-psychiatry disorder
Dr. Gurubasavaraja BAMS, MD 35 yrs Diabetic Nephroapthy, Rheumtord Arthritis, Diabeteic Neuropathy,Psoriaisis, Hemiplegia, Osteo Arthritis
Dr. Divya K BAMS, MD 2 yrs Pschyco Somatic Disorders
Dr. Komala BAMS, MD 2 yrs GI Disorders
Dr. Shashikiran BAMS, MD 8 yrs Paralysis, Musculoskeletal disorders, Sciatica
SWASTHAVRITHA & Yoga Dr. Sudhakar Reddy BAMS MD 16 yrs OPD- Acid Peptic Diseases, HTIN, Diabetes, Non communicable disease controls, Precaution like Obesity, Aysirus and Yoga
Dr. Sankana Gowda Patil BAMS MD 6yrs Life Style management
Dr. Satish GI BAMS MD 10 yrs Diet Counselling for obesity
Dr. Sowmya BAMS MD 5 yrs Obesity
Dr. Aparna Surendra BNYS 23 yrs Yoga and naturopathy, Hydrotherapy
PRASOOTHI & STREEROGA Dr. Usha BAMS, MS 3 yrs Speciality management in treating infertility, complete pregnancy  care through Ayurveda and delivery, Supportive care in post natal management,palliative treatment in breast disorders, Absolute management of Menopause.
Dr. Vidya Narayan BAMS, MS 3 yrs Infertility, Gynaec disorder and PCOS management,Antenatal care, Post natal care.
Dr. Sachin M Raut BAMS, MS 10 yrs PCOD, Infertility
Dr. Nanda BAMS, MS 1 yr ANC, PNC, Menstrual irregularities, Infertility, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids, Pre and Post menopausal conditions, Dysmenorrhoea
SHALYATANTRA Dr. Siddiahaya Aradhyamath BAMS, MS 18 yrs Haemarrhoids,Fistula-in-Ano, Fissur, Pilonidal Synus, Hydrocele,Hernia,Gen.Surgical diseases.Leech  therapy, Agni karma,Rakthamokshana,Diabetic foot, vericose
Dr. Poornima Jalwadi BAMS, MS 4yrs Haemorrhoids, Fissur in Ano, Fistula-in-Ano, Pilonidalsinus, Non-healing ulcers,Diabetic ulcer,Varicose veins.Disc prolapse, back pain, heel pain, Appendicitis, Cholelithiasis, Leech Therapy, Agnikarma, Sciatica, Management of wounds
Dr. Rupal k Nagda BAMS, MS 12 yrs Posta delivery Anorectal Problems
Dr. Balakrishna Setty BAMS, MS 18 yrs Management of Diabetic foot, chronic ulcers
Dr. Aiyanna BAMS, MS 2 yrs Haemorrhoids, Fissur, Fistula, Varicose veins & Agnikarma in Joint disorders.
BALAROGA Dr. Lakshmeesh Upadhya BAMS, MD 30 yrs Developmantal disorders & Nutritional deficiency diseasesof children.
Dr. Jayaraj R BAMS, MD 21 yrs Immuno boosting medicines for children
General OPD Dr. Omprakash BAMS, MD 30 yrs De-addiction
Dr. Nagamani BAMS, MD 18 yrs Delayed milestones, malnutrition
Dr. Subash Chandra Bose BAMS, MD 10 yrs Neuro-psychiatry disorder, AFO disorder & Skin treatments.
Dr. Venkatesh BAMS, MD 8 yrs Male infertility and Sex medicine
Dr. Alka Jayavanth BAMS, MD 20 yrs Skin Disorders, Allergies
Dr. Shreeshananda Sharma BAMS, MD 23 yrs back ache, head Ache
Dr. Jagadish Mitti BAMS, MD 14 yrs Acid Peptic disorders
Dr. Nischitha BAMS, MD 9 yrs Arthritis
Dr. Noor Fathima BAMS, MD 1 yr Ayurvedic Cosmetology
Dr. Santhosh Rangannawar BAMS, MD 3 yrs Hepato biliary disorders, Life style management
Dr. Shelly Divyadarshan BAMS, MD 13 yrs Frozen Shoulder
Dr. Pallavi YC BAMS, MD 10 yrs Knee joint pain
Dr. Madhusudhan BAMS, MD 4 yrs Respiratory Disorders
Dr. Meghana BAMS, MD 2 yrs Prakruthi Assessment
Dr. Christy Jose BAMS, MD 3 yrs Joint Disorders
Dr. Rajendra Prasad BAMS, MD 10 yrs Skin Disorders
Dr. Hrishikesh BAMS, MD 1 yr Inflamatory Disorders
Dr. Chaitra S BAMS, MD 4 months Sleep Disorders
Dr. Nivil Joseph BAMS, MD 2 yrs Arthritis
Dr. Satish Pai BAMS, MD 12 yrs Sleep Disorders, Arthritis
Emergency OPD Dr. Sandeep MBBS, DNB (emg) 9 year Emergency Medicine
Dr. Shivanna MBBS, DNB (emg) 27 year Emergency Medicine